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The Neon Motel Pool - Risograph Art Print

The Neon Motel Pool - Risograph Art Print

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Let’s go swimming at the neon motel pool. During the day, stay cool by the pool with hip cats, radiant starlets and dull squares. But at night when the water glows fluorescent orange from the flickering buzzing MOTEL sign, do come out of your room and cool off with a late night dip where the guests, the hell-raisers, heartbreakers and cursed vixens chase their vices all the while forlorn lawmen case their suspects. Don’t go back to your room just yet, stay a little longer at the Neon Motel Pool.


Original Aug 2021


11 x 17"




Lynx 100 lb Cover

Riso Colors

4: Aqua, Fluorescent Pink, Yellow & Black





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About Riso

Risograph is an imperfect printing process that has a certain character but that does come with imperfections. Art prints, cards and other stationary may have imperfections such as mis-registration, track marks, some ink coverage issues and ink offsetting. 

Think of it like the feel of newspaper ink but the uniqueness and vibrancy of a comic book just on better paper. This is why Risographs are truly one-of-a-kind and why Risograph printers love it.

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